Are guests/renters allowed to use the amenities inside the building?

As the Lessee/Tenant you may enjoy the amenities available in the property.  If there are function rooms, the Admin will impose a charge payable by you as you shall be consuming utilities (electricity and water).  Your guests may also enjoy the amenities as well, but we do suggest that you ask the Admin Office first as they may require a minimal fee and a maximum number of guests allowed per unit.

What are the lease terms available?

Our standard lease period is a minimum of 6 months, signing a 1-year lease with us will be more ideal though, as you get to joy the building and all its amenities longer.  As standard in the residential leasing industry, we require our Lessee’s to pay 2 months security deposit, which is refundable (less unpaid bills and damages, if any) after 60 days of the lease. For the advance rent payment, we require 1 year advance rent already, however if you require a little bit more flexibility, we can discuss.

Do you offer a rent-to-own payment term?

All our units are for lease only, we do not cater rent-to-own terms.  We can refer you to our Sales Team for your investment needs.

What are the requirements needed if I’m interested to lease one of the available units?

Signing the Contract of Lease is an important tool to document our Lessee/Lessor relationship.  Sealing this with the agreed payment terms is of equal importance as well.  For us to ensure that the occupant is the rightful person to reside in the unit, we require local lessee’s to provide a copy of their local valid government ID.  If you are a foreigner, a copy of your valid passport together with your Alien Certificate of Registration is compulsory.

Are utilities, association dues, etc., included in the rental rate?

No, these will be for your account as they are variable and will depend on your consumption.

Can I also lease out a parking slot?

Yes, you may lease out a separate parking slot, minimum of 6 months lease.  Just call our Leasing Specialist for slot availability.

Are there available parking spaces for guests?

Yes, there are limited slots but on a first come first served basis and for a limited time only.

Are pets allowed in the unit?

No, pets are not allowed in the entire building as we would like to ensure that all our residents are safe, and the building is kept clean and nuisance free. Unauthorized pets may be grounds for eviction without refund.

Do you offer pick-up and drop-off for guests?

Sorry, we do not function as a hotel.

Can I smoke inside the facility? Do you have a smoking area?

We enforce a smoke free policy in all our buildings.  Please refrain from smoking inside the leased premises as well. We would like you and the next lessee to enjoy the unit free from the dangers of smoking with a safer and cleaner indoor environment.