How to Successfully Manage Work-life Balance in 6 Ways 

It is an economically-smart way to save on finances as you make a decision to live where you work or study. It has especially become a very attractive choice for the modern generation given that there’s great opportunity to thrive in an active community setting with zero commute time, and being able to fully commit to life projects and connecting to people on a whole new level.

However, it’s not all roses on living where you work or study. More often than not, finding the right balance can be a challenge. Here are 6 ways to help you conquer that challenge if you choose this certain lifestyle:

1. Find life outside your work and where you live 

We get it, the live-where-you-work may be a match made in heaven. But however amazing your job and living settings may be, taking a breather from both of these would still prove to be beneficial for you. Take regular walks, get into art or perhaps a yoga class can contribute to your individual growth.  

2.Create boundaries and stick with them 

When you live where you work or study, it can be so easy to get swept up in doing extra work or studying lengthy hours. Be sure to set certain boundaries. Non-negotiables should include putting a stop to work or school requirements after 7pm and never sacrificing meals just to complete tasks. 

3. Normalize sleeping on time  

When life and your career or school work get mixed up, you may find a lot of reasons to stay up late at night. If you find yourself in this situation, remind yourself that tomorrow is another day so don’t let yourself get so worked up. It’s always important to prioritize things to do and leave the rest for next time so you don’t miss out on important rest.   

4. Take a break for a full day or even two  

Who says you need to work or do your term papers on a weekend? Respect these days to reset, recharge and get some head space. You need it, even if you don’t admit it. Make self-care always a priority. If you don’t look after yourself, then who will?  

5. Don’t let your job or school work consume your life 

We tend to forget who we are or what we want when we’re immersed in our work or school to-do lists. Make sure not to let go of your personal practices or habits and hobbies. Schedule time for your morning meditation, jog as you usually do, or simply do things that you love! Your well-being is always foremost.  

6. Make the most out of your time 

When you live where you work, you have time on your hands. Not everyone has this unique opportunity, so make the most out of this chance to grow professionally and personally at the same time.   

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