Have you ever wondered how else you can upgrade your home other than placing new decors and trinkets? How about making your home a smart home? Here are three gadgets that you can buy to have a smart home:


With just a touch of a button, a robot vacuum will start cleaning your space for you. Robot vacuums have 360 degrees pressure sensors, so it knows when it’s going to hit you or a wall. Plus, robot vacuums can also sense the stairs if you live in a two-storey apartment or a loft-type area. There’s no need to worry that your device will suddenly drop and break if you use it on the second floor.


Using a smart plug is not only great for the environment but great for the pockets too. Having a smart plug that makes it easy for the owners to turn their appliances on and off saves them from high electricity bills. When a device or an appliance is plugged in using a smart plug, the owners can even check through an app if their device is turned on. This function is great for those who always leave their houses unattended and have no one at home to check if they left anything. This smart plug can also be connected to other smart home devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, which means a simple voice command can turn on or off the device plugged in.


Ever heard of the meme “Alexa, play Despacito”? Well now you can do it too! Smart home voice assistant devices like the Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home are great devices to manage a household. TVs, light fixtures, and any other compatible electric devices can be connected to them. With just a voice command, owners can ask this device to turn on lights, the TV, or play music. These voice assistants can also serve as an internet browser. Through voice command, the owners can ask questions or ask the device to look into something.