Just because there are travel restrictions and it’s advisable to stay at home doesn’t mean celebrating Mother’s Day is cancelled. Of course, moms everywhere should always feel loved and appreciated. However, for Mother’s Day, it’s important to give them the extra special care and attention they deserve. 

Here are three ways you can celebrate Mother’s Day in the safety and comfort of your own home:


Eating out has always been a way to celebrate for Filipinos. It can be for a graduation celebration, a family member’s birthday, or even something as simple as a relative’s first paycheck. Mother’s Day is no different. However, in a time when going outside other than for the essentials is highly discouraged, celebrations need to adapt. 

In arranging for a brunch or breakfast at home, there are two ways to go about it. One is to opt for having your favorite dishes from your favorite restaurant be delivered. Recently, delivery services are becoming more and more popular, and more restaurants are partnering up with them. Another option is to make homemade dishes. There has also been a surge of online recipes made easier during the quarantine since cooking is one of the popular hobbies people got into while staying at home.


Meeting virtually has been second nature since the pandemic started. More and more celebrations that involve family members from different places are done via online chatrooms. For Mother’s Day specifically, a great way to celebrate all moms in the family is to gather them all in one meeting to talk and catch up. It may be done virtually, but the spirit of celebrating them, eating together, and having a laugh is still there.


Watching movies online has been so accessible it can be done through the phone or laptop. Some even have a smart TV where there’s a built-in app of a streaming network. Make some popcorn or the family’s favorite snacks, dim the lights, and play a feel-good and heart-warming movie. Even a simple movie night like this will surely be appreciated.