Minimalist Furniture Pieces You’ll Want to Buy Now

Thanks to pro organizer Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method, minimalist furniture pieces have been making waves—whether offline or online—as more people want to embrace the mantra, “Less is more.”

With the popularity of minimalist living, it’s no surprise that some home owners and renters are tossing out items that do not “spark joy.” In fact, Becoming Minimalist’s Joshua Becker says that embracing minimalism encourages to discover your own journey and the far-reaching benefits that come from owning less.

While making your home look clean, minimalist living also allows you to instantly add personality and flair to your space.

Ready to transform your home into a simple yet elegant place to spend days in? We’ve scoured the Internet for chic minimalist furniture pieces that will give your home that #aesthetic vibe.

Nami Rattan Chair from June & July

Nami Rattan Chair

Photo from June & July

Let this Nami Rattan Chair from June & July accentuate your living room where you and your loved ones can hang out while having a feast. A variant of this also comes with an armrest for comfort.

Adaline Bedframe from Our Home

Adaline Bedframe

Photo from Our Home

Mid-century meets modern in this Adaline Bedframe from Our Home. With padded head board that is upholstered in fabric, you’ll definitely have a good night’s sleep here.

CFH Laptop Table from Conner Furniture House

CFH Laptop Table

Photo from Conner Furniture House

Be your own boss as you finish all your work-from-home tasks in this CFH Laptop Table from Conner Furniture House. Since it’s not as bulky as other office desks, this can be easily set up in your living room or even your bedroom.

Ricola TV Rack from Mandaue Foam

Ricola TV Rack

Photo from Mandaue Foam

Binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows is more fun with this Ricola TV Rack from Mandaue Foam. Just don’t forget to wipe it clean with a soft damp cloth.

Kangourou Coffee Table from Curio Cavern

Kangourou Coffee Table

Photo from Curio Cavern

Say hello to your guests with this Kangourou Coffee Table from Curio Cavern. According to its description, “When the tables are displayed together as one unit, light passes through, reflecting half-moon shadows onto the floor below. When standing separately, two full moons are reflected.”

These furniture pieces speak of minimalism and if you’re ready to incorporate them into your humble abode, then it’s time to call your interior designer. Or, you can just mix and match items to suit your needs.