Updating the Look of Your Home Without Buying Anything

While hanging out with your cat, you notice that living room rug screaming for some serious cleaning. Then, you look over to your book shelf and realize how messy your things are. It suddenly hit you: YOUR HUMBLE ABODE NEEDS A MAKEOVER.

However, since you fell short on budget due to the effects of COVID-19, you stand there, thinking how you can spruce up your home without spending a peso.

You’ve come to the right place—we mean, blog! We’ve gathered these decorating tricks to spruce up your place sans expensive renovations.

Upgrading Your Home Without Buying Anything

Declutter your space

By organizing things, you create an open space that lets a room feel lighter. Get rid of bulky furnishing that you don’t even use and see how much difference it can make to your living room or even your bedroom. One tip: Mirrors, when placed opposite windows, gives the illusion of open space.

Upgrading Your Home Without Buying Anything

Let the light in

Windows are as important as any other furniture. Pay attention to your curtains and see how you can tie them to allow the flow of natural light and air in. Remember: Natural light keeps a space happy and healthy.

Upgrading Your Home Without Buying Anything

Wash your carpets and rugs

Ever since COVID-19 was known to mankind, cleaning and disinfecting at home every day became the new norm for most people. Aside from the countertops and toilet bowl, you should always wash your rugs to prevent germs, bacteria, and virus from spreading and growing. You don’t want your little one to play on your dirty carpet, do you?

Fact: Giving your rugs a deep clean refreshes your home and helps in prolonging the life of your carpet as well.

Upgrading Your Home Without Buying Anything

Rearrange your furniture

This one’s a no-brainer! From your couch to your bed, rearranging furniture is a quick and easy way to change the look of a room. When angling a piece of furniture, consider its lighting to enhance its space. Try moving your floor lamps to the room you’re spending the most time in.

Upgrading Your Home Without Buying Anything

Repaint your walls

If there’s leftover paint from the last renovation, then it’s time to bring it out of the storage. You can paint one wall and create a pattern using a painter’s tape just in case the paint isn’t enough to cover the four corners of the room. A fresh coat of paint can take a room from drab to fab.

Don’t forget to clean the walls first before painting them!

Now, you’re ready to unleash your creativity and give your home the transformation it deserves. Do you have other tips to improve the look of your space? Let us know in the comments!

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